8th March 2022 matt mudie

One of the resources that we use most at Ipswich Tuition Centre is the Nessy Learning Program. I’ve asked Jane Rowe- our English specialist for younger learners- to provide a quick overview of the software:

Nessy Learning Program is both auditory and visual because it’s important that children learn to spell words whilst hearing them at the same time. Students learn rules of how to spell certain sounds, and are then monitored to see how well they can use the rules to spell key words. We use headphones so that students can concentrate and hear sounds clearly.

Nessy Learning Program is ‘dyslexic friendly’, meaning that it was designed for dyslexic learner non-dyslexic students alike.

It’s a fun way of learning spelling- or more specifically learning the way that words are structured- and our students enjoy the activities more than almost all others at Ipswich Tuition Centre.

We use Nessy Learning Program to track students progress by reviewing their scores from computer activities and by marking the corresponding worksheets. Students and teachers find it easy to see the progress being made, which gives students a real sense of achievement and promotes independence.

Students are empowered to take control of their own learning at Ipswich Tuition Centre, thanks for reading about one of our key resources!

Matt Mudie & Jane Rowe, March 2022

Link to Nessy Learning Programme video: https://youtu.be/L6baphxq0dc