How To Motivate Teenage Learners

As adults, we know that finding the right levels of motivation every day is easier said than done. We tend to forget how it hard it can be as a teenager to keep the excitement levels on full charge.

Keeping your teenage son or daughter alert and motivated to learn is a trick all in itself. No doubt you’ll have one or two tried and tested methods you already have up your sleeve. Sometimes even the keenest of learners need a little gentle nudge here and there, so we decided to compile a list of ideas that you may find useful.

The use of technology

There is a lot of debate about using mobile phones while studying. When it is time for revision they can create an issue. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used at any other time. The British Council show how it can be used to benefit English lessons, which you can encourage at home too – as long as you monitor their use and they’re not on Snapchat instead, you’ll soon see the benefits!

A little competitive spirit

Teenagers enjoy a little bit of competition. It’s even better if they can see a reward. Give them a quick timed test of their maths or English knowledge when it’s time to revise. Ask them to complete a written exercise in return for going to bed at a later time, or staying out a bit later. You’ll be surprised what a bit of incentivising can do.

Use their many talents

As you will remember (all those years ago) the teenage years are a time for creativity. Is your son or daughter a budding singer, or musician? Are they always doodling on their books? If they love to chatter and have great vocab skills, why not use that instead? Stories can be told through pictures and music. If they are struggling to start a project, encourage them to put together a project that is cool and creatively related to the topic.

Keep it relevant

Teens are bursting at the seams with information about music, sport or video games. These are all subjects that can be tied into their studying. Encourage them to talk about topics in the news that relate to their world and encourage debate and discussion. They are forming their own clear opinions and want others to hear them. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two while you’re at it!

Reading material

Finding the right book that will interest them may take a bit longer than usual. It could be sport related or a celebrity biography – any topic that gets them excited. Keep it to the appropriate reading age group and there’ll be no more sighs and moans about having to pick up a book. Anything that encourages reading has to be a good thing.

Don’t forget these are just some suggestions we hope will offer some inspiration. You know your kids better than anyone else and what will and won’t work. Keeping them on their toes challenges you too – making you a better parent too. As long as they know the objectives and the rules, it should be much easier to keep them motivated and ready to learn.


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