Coronavirus Advice: 18th March 2020

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Ipswich Tuition Centre is proud to offer 2 new methods of tuition!
In the likely wake of imminent school closures, Ipswich Tuition Centre will be offering two new types of tuition. This will allow students to minimise the risks of Coronavirus and to isolate themselves as much as possible.
1. Remote Tuition: Work sent home followed by a phone call, video call or web-chat. Tutors will provide work by email which will be marked upon return that is similar to a normal tutorial at the Ipswich Tuition Centre office. Feedback and support can be given by phone call, video call (e.g. Skype or FaceTime) or web-chat (such as Facebook messager). Traditional paper resources can also be provided by post or collection from our office. Each student can replace a tutorial with a 10-15min web-chat or phone call (in addition to work emailed home).
2. One-to-One Out of Hours: Matt is prepared to arrange one-to-one tuition for students outside of normal tutoring hours. If you would like to avoid gatherings of other students, customers can visit Matt out of hours in an empty office. Tutorials are available upon request; booking and parental supervision are essential.
Students will likely soon be experiencing long hours learning at home. Ipswich Tuition Centre can provide guidance for parents supporting student learning at home, and support with schoolwork that has been sent home and is difficult to understand.
Contact Matt on 01473 233735 or to discuss the safest way to continue your tuition. We will continue to remain open and students can attend normal tutorials instead of these two new methods.
Support Ipswich Tuition Centre as we try to adapt to Coronavirus isolations and school closures!


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