Coronavirus Advice: 19th March 2020 – Examinations Cancelled

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Examinations Cancelled
Yesterday* at 17:00 the government announced that all summer examinations are cancelled. This has caused a lot of distress for Year 11, Year 13 and any re-sit students who have been focused so intently on the exams for so long.
Unfortunately, without the motivation of exams, many students will want to stop working immediately. At Ipswich Tuition Centre we are available to help support students through this difficult time: Students can contact their tutor directly by email or make an appointment for a call back by phone.
Year 13 students are unsure of how to get to University; this is very upsetting. In the upcoming weeks all teachers will do everything we can to give you clarity about your future after sixth form.
Take a couple of days off; stop studying. It will take time to adjust to the new reality that the exams are cancelled. More information is due from the government on Friday 20th March about how qualifications will be issued, but it could be weeks before final decisions are made. In the mean time students should take time to relax and adjust. Talk to friends and family about desired plans for the future.
Continue studying: When students feel ready they should continue to study and to learn as before. Even though the exams are cancelled it is likely that they will still be assessed in some way. Try and learn the GCSE and A Level material as well as you can until June, then plan to take the summer off as before. Ipswich Tuition Centre will continue to support you in this learning.
Students will also feel denied rites of passage that they have been looking forward to. Events such as prom are uncertain, and students may not have opportunities to see friends before they move on to new schools. Take the time to recognise the sense of loss caused.
Contact Matt on 01473 233735 or if you would like to talk to any of our tutors at Ipswich Tuition Centre. We are here to support you through this uncertain time.


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