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The Value of Knowing Your Times Tables

Hearing your child learning their times tables takes parents back to a time when you were doing the same at school. However, in recent times there has been some debate as to how important they really are to a child’s education. That ended last year when Schools Minister Nick Gibb announced that by 2019, all…

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How To Understand The New GCSE Grades

Keeping up with the changes made to the education system can be confusing at times, given often it seems to happen. You probably would’ve heard about the new GCSE grading system but they have probably not yet been explained clearly enough to understand. Read on below to find out what the changes are and how…

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Should Schools Only Teach To The Tests – Exam Factories

Are you a happier, more successful adult because of good grades at school? Is student achievement exclusively measured by good exam grades? With the focus on schools increasingly centred on how high or low their exam pass rates are, you may have seen the term ‘exam factory’ used in a number of news articles over…

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