Our FAQ at
Ipswich Tuition Centre

All students are different and there are many ways in which we can help them learn. Call us today on 01473 233 735 to find out about how your child can benefit from our tuition classes. Alternatively you can fill in the enquiry form below or email info@ipswichtuitioncentre.co.uk.

Is it one-to-one?

We tutor small groups of 4 or 5 which we think is better. Students will enjoy a pleasant learning atmosphere alongside other young persons, whilst they will receive a tailor-made program of study just for them.

Where are you in Ipswich?

We are on St Margaret’s Green (IP4 2BN) near the Church and School. Our front door is underneath an archway next to the reception of Saracen’s House Business Centre. Also quite near Regent Theatre and Christchurch Mansion. See this map for more details.

How do I pay?

We accept cash, cheque, childcare vouchers and bank transfer. We do not currently accept card payments.

When do I need to pay by?

Please pay monthly before the 15th of each month

How many students are in a group?

No more than five students to one tutor.

What’s the cheapest way to pay?

Pay monthly (or termly) is cheapest. Pay per lesson is more expensive.

How much notice to I have to give?

We ask for two weeks notice if you would like to stop tuition.

Has Ipswich Tuition Centre moved?

Yes we used to have an office on Old Foundry Road (pink corner building with a sign).

Did you used to be called Kip McGrath?

Yes we were part of the Kip McGrath franchise until 2011

Have you changed ownership?

Yes Matt Mudie bought the business in 2014 from Tony Fleming after working together for two years.

Ready to get started!?

Ipswich Tuition Centre is now able to offer A-Level English, Chemistry
and Biology Tuition. Places are limited so contact us as soon as
possible to get extra help with your A-Level studies.