1st February 2022 matt mudie
Fibonacci Spiral

There is a wonderful pattern in nature where the numbers are seen to increase by adding the previous two numbers. In maths lessons we often teach this by writing a list of numbers, but here let’s celebrate this wonderful overlap with real life and abstract mathematics.

In this spiral we start small in the middle with two ones, added together to make 2, added with one to make 3, then added together to make 5. e.g.

  • 1+1=2
  • 1+2=3
  • 2+3=5
  • 3+5=8

The Fibonacci spiral can be found in many places in nature;

The Romanesque Broccoli:




To tell the truth, I’m never sure whether real life mimics mathematics or the other way around! It’s important to remember that in nature spirals are often imprecise, dropping or adding a number to the sequence, but for me this enhances the beauty; because it’s so unexpected.

Thanks for sharing this with me! Let me know any other Fibonacci spirals that you can find in nature

Romanesque Broccoli
Shell with spiral