9th May 2022 matt mudie

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Do you want to remember as much information as possible? Do you want to be ready for all your exams?

If yes, then you need healthy revision techniques, and a healthy lifestyle. Staying happy and healthy during your exam period helps students to retain more information and for better problem solving in your exams. Read on to find out how to do it!

Set up a revision timetable so that you have a plan for the day ahead. Use a calendar, wall-chart or diary so that you know what you are doing each day, and to be sure of revising for each topic equally.

Block your time into hours, then work for 45mins with a 15min break. Avoid screens during your break time, or at least avoid social media with an endless scroll such as Facebook and Instagram. Keep your break time relaxed; go to see your pets, take a walk around the garden or make a cup of tea.

But beware of caffeine! Caffeine can affect your sleep patterns, and will give you a short energy boost instead of a long one.

Exams are a marathon not a sprint. Be happy and energetic throughout your exams and finish with a smile. Be sure to keep up your hobbies and to see your friends throughout your revision.

Write your worries down; get them out of your system. Designate 15mins every day to writing down your hopes and fears, and then you won’t need to dwell on them at all for the rest of the day.

Stay relaxed, it is common to feel a lot of guilt during revision, but a relaxed state of mind will retain more information than a stressed one.

Look at past exam papers, then attempt questions and mark them yourself. You can find all the past maths papers on the Maths Made Easy website: https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/all-past-papers/ 

Finally I’d like to share 3 mantras from the Wales Online revision tips:

  1. Believe in yourself
    • Trust your memory to retain the information in the exam
  2. Define yourself as a person without exams
    • Whatever your results your family- and the tutors at Ipswich Tuition Centre- will support you every step of the way
  3. Stay positive
    • Be proud of who you are and what you’ve started