21st October 2019 tosh@mor-tech.co.uk

changes to Term Dates

Greetings from Ipswich Tuition Centre!

Essential changes to our electricity supply by our landlord are forcing us to close for three days in June. We have only just been informed about this work and so we must apologise for short notice of this change to our published term dates. Please note that Ipswich Tuition Centre will be closed on Thursday 14th June, Friday 15th June and Saturday 16th June.

To make up for the dates when we are forced to close there will be replacement tutorials during half term on Thursday 31st May, Friday 1st June and Saturday 2nd June. We know that this is very last minute, but it is we believe the best option. Tutorials will take place at the usual times of 16:00, 17:40 on Thursday and Friday and 09:20, 11:00 and 12:40 on Saturday.

Sorry for the inconvenience! The work will involve digging up the pavement outside the street entrance to the centre so even when we are open please be aware that arrangements for entry into the Tuition Centre may be different.

Calling all year 11s !!

Every cloud has a silver lining and by opening during half term if means that any year 11 that wants an extra class to help with their revision can come along, even if you would not be affected by the changed dates.

Students who are owed lessons

If you have had to miss a lesson for any reason please consider booking a replacement lesson in half term on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. This is a golden opportunity to make sure you get all the lessons you have paid for.

Can’t make any of the above dates?

It is very important to me that nobody loses a tutorial unnecessarily; please get in touch to arrange replacement lessons as soon as possible. See how to contact us overleaf…..

How to contact us?
If you would like to attend one of the half term lessons on Thursday 31 May, Friday 1 June or Saturday 2 June please email us at info@ipswichtuitioncentre.co.uk

If you cannot make the half term lessons and need to arrange a different date for a replacement, please email us at info@ipswichtuitioncentre.co.uk and give us a phone number to call you back on. We will ring you after half term.

And Finally,
We apologise for these complicated arrangements, believe me learning about the enforced closure in June was not welcome news…..but hopefully we can make it less damaging by opening in half term.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish students every success in their examinations and tests this summer. We hope we have given all our students the confidence to do their best.

Good luck and best wishes