Terms Dates &
Our Fees

Ipswich tuition centre terms are similar to school terms but there are some
differences, so please be sure to check them.
Term Term Dates Half Term
Autumn Saturday 5th Sept to Saturday 19th Dec 2020 26th Oct to 31st Oct
Spring Monday 4th Jan to Saturday 27th March 2021 15th Feb to 20th Feb
Summer Monday 12th April to Friday 16th July 2020 31st May to 5th June
Lesson Times
Mon to Fri 4:00pm to 5:20pm 5:40pm to 7:00pm
Sat 9:20am to 10:40am 11am to 12:20pm 12:40pm to 2:00pm
Tuition Fees (Please ask for A level Fees)
Lessons per week Pay weekly Pay monthly Pay Autumn Term Pay Spring Term Pay Summer Term
1 lesson £28 £90 £360 £360 £270
2 lessons £52 £170 £680 £680 £510
3 lessons £76 £240 £960 £960 £720
4 lessons £100 £300 £1200 £1200 £900


Payment Details
Account Name: Account Number: Sort Code:
Ipswich Tuition Centre 68677514 08-92-50

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Prolonged Closure: Online Tuition Only

All face-to-face tuition has stopped for the foreseeable future, instead we are tutoring online! See our online tuition page for more details. - Matt Mudie 6th January 2021