To Communicate or not to Communicate

15th June 2022
1,2,3... Let's Go!

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Do you want to improve your communication skills? If so, it’s easy if you follow a few simple techniques! Firstly, in every subject you should read the questions carefully so that you answer the question correctly.

Now let’s talk more about reading: Reading is always good and you can improve your communication skills even if you only read notices, magazines, blogs and any articles on the internet. Obviously, you can also improve your imagination and be more creative if you read novels, short stories, plays or poems.

Talking is key to your success. Have you noticed how some people use longer words? Examiners love these if they make sense in your sentence. They think you’re scintillating! Why not think of a topic and practice talking to your friends and family for one minute about it. It could be your version of ‘Just a Minute’!

Writing can be fun! Try writing a brilliant opening sentence to a story with any title such as ‘Fear’, ‘Joy’ or ‘The Day My Life Changed’. Hook your reader with a gripping opening such as ‘The blood poured endlessly from her head‘ or ‘She lay prostrate on the uliginous ground‘. It’s a great opportunity to use some sophisticated vocabulary.

All of the above and much more is taught at Ipswich Tuition Centre. Communication is the key to life, so why not try exploring it at Ipswich Tuition Centre? “If you just communicate, you can get by, but if you communicate skilfully, you can work miracles.” (Jim Rohn)

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