Tutoring Process

Personal workstations with Mac PCs

  1. Short manageable tasks.
  2. Quick marking and feedback from teacher.
  3. Repetition and assessment every week.
  4. Homework to reinforce learning.
  5. Enjoyable environment with other students.

We believe that our tutoring process is better than that of a one-to-one private tutor because of the benefits of being surrounded by other students working hard. The enjoyable learning atmosphere and removed pressure of having an adult waiting for you to finish work makes learning pleasurable; our students enjoy coming here.

We cannot guarantee results, but we can help to promote independent learning skills, that is the ability to access learning without reliance on teachers, parents or other students. In this way the students become more self reliant, more confident in their ability to do well.

This is our process…

Independent Learning

Our students receive all the benefits of One-to-One tuition even though the Tutor will be working with a small groups of 4 or 5. Students will receive instant feedback on any work completed and there is always a fully qualified teacher on hand to support them through any difficulty.

Independent learning is key

Lesson Planning

Independent learning is facilitated by our qualified teachers planning engaging lessons full of short, manageable tasks for each student. Step by step, week by week, students acquire key skills through repetition and the guidance of qualified teachers.

Tuition lesson planning and tasks workbook

Personal Workstation

Every student has their own desk and computer. Each workstation provides students with an independent learning environment, within easy reach of all necessary equipment including scientific calculators, rulers, pairs of compasses, protractors, dictionaries and text books.

A personal workstation equipped with an Apple Mac and research books to aid tuition

Professional Support

Qualified Teachers are on hand at all times to support students with their learning. The students undertake regular tests to check their progress and improving results builds their confidence.

We communicate progress to parents and encourage them to support students at home especially by ensuring homework tasks are completed.

Tutors provide lessons at a personal level

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We provide tutoring services in Maths, English and Science from Keys Stage 1 up to A Level.

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