Hegarty Maths is an exciting and powerful tool that many schools in Suffolk buy and supply to their students for free. At Ipswich Tuition Centre our students often log onto Hegarty Maths to get support with their school homework, or to revise for a test they look at the recent topics that they’ve been learning in school. In this article I’ll explain how students and parents can make the most of Hegarty Maths at Ipswich Tuition Centre.

School Homework

Hegarty Maths allows schools to give students homework that is marked instantly. Then Teachers are able to review their mistakes, and students can also show their tutors at Ipswich Tuition Centre what they need to improve on.

Revise for Tests

Hegarty Maths can be very useful for to revise for school tests. The most recent work that teachers set on HM often gives students a list of topics to revise before a test. This is really useful as most students don’t know what topics to revise when they come for tuition!!

Free YouTube Videos

A lot of the Hegarty maths videos are on YouTube, so parents and students can look up key topics and watch a video to better understand them. If you can find the right video it can really help students learn key math topics, so what HM tries to do (and tutors at Ipswich Tuition Centre definitely do) is target the correct video for every student.

Hegarty Maths at Ipswich Tuition Centre

Hegarty Maths is a fantastic website that wins all sorts of awards. In my day we used textbooks to give us all the information that we needed in maths, but now HM and other websites include videos and set work that gives feedback to teachers and students. Beyond that tutors at Ipswich Tuition Centre can help students with the work that they don’t understand; support them when they can’t get any questions correct on HM, or when there is one particularly difficult question that is hard to answer.

Math in schools is continuously evolving with new technology, which is great for students, parents and teachers alike. At Ipswich Tuition Centre we stay on the forefront of this technology, get in touch if you have any queries about the use of technology in maths!

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