Ipswich Tuition Centre Caters
to all ages and abilities

Ipswich Tuition Centre helps students from 5 to 65 to boost their learning. The aim of our English,
Science and Maths Tuition is to provide students with the skills and
confidence to learn independently.

Professional Tuition for
students of all ages and abilities

Children’s development is not uniform and it is quite common for some to get left behind. Some children may have special learning needs or be so bright they need extra stimulation.

We can help: Bright Children: Challenge children finding school easy.
Missing target grades: Explore why your child is behind at school.
Better Grades: Improve your learning and your attainment.
The Tutors at Ipswich Tuition Centre can offer special help to students with Dyslexia, Irlens and ASD. Our specially trained staff will help to diagnose problems and set learning programmes to address any special needs.

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Our key Age Groups

Key Stage 1 & 2
Tuition (ages 6–11)

Young children starting out on their school career sometimes need extra help to travel at the pace required by rigid curriculums. Tutorials for younger children will usually be designed to boost literacy, numeracy and reasoning skills. Key skills in Maths and English will be taught using a mixture of modern computer programmes and traditional teaching methods.

Key Stage 3
Tuition (ages 11–14)

Coping with the move to secondary school and performance during years 7 and 8 can be very important in determining how well a child will do in later school life. Keeping up in key subjects is crucial as it builds confidence and forms good habits required for academic success. Our tutors concentrate on helping students build up their confidence in English, Maths and Science subjects. We can go over areas not fully understood by a student when it was covered in school. We encourage students to reach higher goals and enjoy the challenges and rewards of well-focused study.

GCSE Tuition (ages 14–16)

Studying for GCSEs is another vital stage in a child’s school life. Good GCSEs are a required passport into the best Universities. Ipswich Tuition Centre has specialist English, Science and Maths tutors who will assess a students strengths and identify gaps in knowledge. A programme of study will then be designed to boost a students confidence and performance. High achievers will benefit from a different approach to problem solving and get the opportunity to stretch themselves. Many parents complain that it is hard to get children to study but our experience is that students enjoy coming to learn at the centre.

Over 16s Tuition

Many people over 16 find they need to improve their GCSE grades to meet the qualification requirements in their chosen career path. Ipswich Tuition Centre helps 6th form students studying for A levels and young people who have left school or college but need to re-sit GCSEs.

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Ipswich Tuition Centre is now able to offer A-Level English, Chemistry
and Biology Tuition. Places are limited so contact us as soon as
possible to get extra help with your A-Level studies.

Term Dates & Fees

Ipswich Tuition Centre terms run closely in line with school terms dates, but please be sure to check them.

Tutoring Jobs

We are always on the lookout for new teachers to join our team. Applicants must be fully qualified teachers. Get in touch, very good for teachers with reduced working hours!

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We provide tutoring services in Maths, English and Science from Key Stage 1 to A Level.

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